PE and Sports Precinct Project


St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill is planning for the future with an upgrade to the treasured but aged physical education and sporting facilities. A new purpose-built sports complex will deliver state-of-the-art sports facilities, provide specialist teaching and practical learning spaces for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) classes, and support an extensive cocurricular sports program.


Physical education and sport are integral components of the total education provided at St Joseph’s College. Basketball is one of the College’s most popular co-curricular sports and approximately 680 students play on the five existing basketball courts every Saturday. In planning for the College’s future, this project will prioritise the delivery of essential student amenities and provide current and future students with fit-for-purpose physical education facilities.  

The Physical Education and Sports Precinct Project will deliver a number of key benefits to students, staff and the broader community, including:

  • Three indoor sports courts with spectator seating
  • Multi-purpose spaces that can be used for a wide variety of College purposes including school gatherings
  • Teaching and learning spaces for PDHPE and other classes
  • Amenities such as change rooms and toilet facilities for spectators and visitors
  • A new food kiosk and catering facilities
  • New car spaces, lifts and disabled access for students, staff and spectators

As a proud member of the Hunters Hill community, St Joseph’s College will continue to share the facilities with local community groups and clubs who frequently use the existing courts. The Physical Education and Sports Precinct Project will also have multiple benefits for nearby neighbours. The relocation of weekend basketball games and weeknight training sessions to the indoor complex will significantly reduce the impact of noise on neighbours. Increased parking in the new building will also ease congestion on surrounding streets.

The College welcomes neighbours and community members to attend a Community Information and Feedback Session where you can see the plans for the building, speak with members of the project team and provide your feedback.

Please drop in anytime on either:

>    Wednesday 27 June 2018 between 6.00pm – 8.00pm

>    Saturday 30 June 2018 between 10.00am – 12.00pm

Both sessions will be held in the foyer of the Br Emilian Hall at St Joseph’s College.


“Sport plays a central role in the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. As we encourage continual self-improvement and positive mindsets, the promotion and pursuit of physical activity is more important than ever as a counter balance to the demands of a technology-driven world.”



When will construction begin and how long will it take?

The planning approval process commenced in 2017 with a request to the Department of Planning and Environment to issue a statement of environmental assessment requirements (SEARs) to support the project. These were issued in January 2018. There are a number of steps in the regulatory approval process to work through before a start date is finalised. Given that the project has been identified as a State Significant Development, the approval process could take up to 18 months.

Pending approval, construction in expected to commence in 2019.


Where will games and training be re-located during construction?

Two new outdoor basketball courts have been approved and are being built near the teaching wing. All Saturday sport and PDHPE class practical lessons will be located there throughout construction of new sports building.


Will there be ongoing community consultation?

As part of the planning approval process there will be opportunities for formal and informal consultation. In addition, the College will actively consult with the community throughout planning and construction.




Joeys welcomes community feedback on the proposed SJC Physical Education and Sports Precinct Project. For further information relating to the project or to provide feedback, please contact us by;


Phone: (02) 9816 0900