Cyber Safety

As students learn how to use the multitude of digital technologies available in today’s world it is vital they also learn how to become responsible and conscientious users of that technology.

We live a large part of our lives online – we work, learn, communicate with friends, share photos and thoughts and provide feedback through a variety of avenues. 

It is vital young people today are educated in how to be responsible digital citizens and are aware of the ‘digital footprint’ they are creating each time they post something online. 

Students at St Joseph’s College take part in a comprehensive Digital Citizenship program that teaches them how to behave responsibly online and why this is important. The students explore a range of issues relating to the safe use of the internet, intellectual property, privacy and cyber-bullying. They are taught ways of engaging positively with the online world and ways to stay safe online as well as the protocols around the use and safe keeping of their laptops and other equipment.

Each student at the College, and his parent/guardian is required to sign an agreement regarding the use of technology, the College network and the internet.