Br Liguori Resources Centre

The Brother Liguori Resources Centre is integral to teaching and learning at Joeys. It is a welcoming, vibrant learning environment designed to encourage and enrich students by developing lifelong learning skills and a love of reading. The Resources Centre aims to empower and transform learners by providing activities and resources that will assist both students and staff to become effective and discriminating users of information.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  8am – 9pm
Friday 8am – 5pm


Telephone 9816 0854


The role of the Resources Centre is two-fold:

AIM 1: We aim to support student learning by working collaboratively with subject faculties, teaching information and research skills to the students, and assisting them to explore our extensive collection of print and digital resources. Easy access to high quality resources is available anytime, anywhere with our online catalogue and research tool, Destiny. Further learning help is available from our library website, LibraryHQ, which provides subject-specific resources tailored to class topics and assessments.

The Resources Centre also collaborates with subject faculties to organise and host numerous activities designed to extend student learning and subject knowledge in a fun and interactive environment. These activities include:

  • Synapse (an academic challenge for gifted and talented students);
  • Body in the Library murder mystery (for forensic fiction);
  • Japanese Manga Festival, French Cafe;
  • Science Week, History Week, Geography Week;
  • Write a Book in a Day (national team writing competition).

AIM 2: We aim to support and encourage student reading by working closely with the English Department, conducting class book discussions, developing related text lists, and hosting author talks. Our ever-changing library displays provide reading inspiration across numerous topics and themes. We also organise many events and activities that support and encourage student reading such as:

  • Books and Blokes Breakfast – These popular breakfast events feature male guest authors from all walks of life, who talk about the importance of books and reading in their own lives, this reinforcing the message that ‘It’s OK for blokes to read’. Invitation is open to all students and the important men in their lives – fathers, grandfathers, uncles, carers. Past speakers include Tom Keneally, Dr Munjed al Muderis, David Pocock, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Glenn McGrath, Richard Glover and Michael Robotham.
  • Guys Read book group – boys from Year 7 to 12 meet regularly to discuss books and listen to guest speakers. We enjoy the company of between 30 to 50 boys at each meeting.
  • The HUBour specialist group of keen readers who write book reviews with the motto Recommended by Joeys boys for Joeys boys.
  • Readers Cup – Three boys x four books x five weeks = Readers Cup Challenge! Teams of three boys battle other teams after reading four set texts to be crowned Readers Cup Champions.
  • Annual group excursions to the Sydney Writers Festival and the Youth Review Forum.

All parents and carers are very welcome to visit the library at any time for further information. We also encourage our parents to join as library borrowers and take advantage of our collection. You may also be interested in joining our parent book club, Simply Books, which meets twice a term. For more information, please email the Head of Library, Linda Roden:

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