Year 12, Concord
Finlay finds rowing fascinating. “I wasn’t that great when I started but the coaches helped me improve,” … from fifth place in 2023 to winning Head of the River in 2024.
“Whatever you want to do at Joeys there’s always someone to back you.”

Year 11, Walgett
Darnell watched the College musical and decided to give acting a go. He absolutely loves it. This year, he has been selected as part of the Sydney Theatre Company’s Young Wharfies program.
“Getting a reaction from the audience gives you energy. You can feel it; it’s something you don’t get from anything else. I think of Joeys as my second home.”

Year 9, Hong Kong
After giving chess club and science club a go in his first years at Joeys, Sean jumped into robotics after watching his friends in JoeBots having a lot of fun.
“I see Joeys as a huge family. If you succeed, they will celebrate with you and if you don’t, they will support you.”