A focus on the future

Posted on November 6, 2020

A trade certificate is a highly valued qualification that can put more practical-minded students on the path to a rewarding career. 

This year, 29 Joeys boys earnt CII and CIII-level TAFE certificates in trades as diverse as carpentry, electrotechnology, automotive and plumbing. Studying four hours a week alongside their HSC commitments, they displayed great determination and self-motivation to complete their courses..

At the certificate presentation in the Farrell Auditorium, Careers Counsellor Mr Cousins said that TAFE programs ­– which include two weeks of work placement – can be a springboard to fulfilling jobs that are in high demand and have strong salaries. 

“Students can begin working as soon as they leave school and they are able to pick and choose the jobs they are interested in doing,” he said, pointing out that the Master Builders Association were already offering apprenticeships to College students. “There are lots of options, especially with the skill shortage, and the MBA are desperate to employ Joeys boys.”

Director of Teaching and Learning Mr Bookallil echoed Mr Cousins’ sentiments. “TAFE is a wonderful, rigorous opportunity for our boys to gain important competencies and confidence in their areas of passion, along with providing pathways to apprenticeships, cadetships and a fulfilling future career.”

For many Joeys boys who hail from the country, studying at TAFE is a chance to learn skills they can put into practice back at home.

Thomas Ether’s family own a cotton farm in Narrabri. The year 12 student hopes one day to take charge of it, but in the meantime he is busy collecting the skills he will need to be an effective operator. He focused on automotive at TAFE, with a view to mastering the mechanics of heavy machinery. 

“I was always a more practical person than a theory bloke,” he says. “TAFE was good because there were a variety of things to learn.”

A TAFE course can be completed in conjunction with the HSC and counted towards a boy’s ATAR. This gives students the option of adding a university degree to their trade certificate. Harry Curtin did electrotechnology and hopes to study business after the HSC. 

“I realise it’s only going to be a benefit to have extra financial skills,” the weekly boarder from Gordon says.

He has been impressed by Joeys’ commitment to making the TAFE pathway a viable career option for students and is confident many more boys will take up trades in the years to come.

“One of the wonderful things about Joeys is there is no stigma about going to TAFE. I think people are realising it can give you a headstart into your career. I really enjoyed it.”


Source: joeysjottings.org