A headstart to university

Posted on November 17, 2020

Isaiah AhSee is the embodiment of Joeys motto “In Meliora Contende”, “To strive for better things.” During the height of COVID lockdown, and on top of his regular studies, the Year 11 student completed a unit of study with Macquarie University that will enable him to enrol there when he finishes year 12.
At a ceremony in the Brother Liguori Resources Centre, he was presented with a certificate in Critical Thinking from the university’s Philosophy department that will count towards whatever degree he chooses to do.
Isaiah, a Wiradjuri man from Wellington in central NSW, took part in the Gifted and Talented Entry Program so that he could get a headstart to his academic future. “I wanted to be sorted for uni and have that opportunity to go there already done,” he says.
It was a Herculean effort. When others were relaxing on a Sunday, he would hit the books, reading academic journals and essays, completely weekly tests and writing tasks. “Gaining a spot at university two years before he is going to attend is a really significant achievement,” said Indigenous coordinator Ed Morgan. “Isaiah is a real role model, and an example for the younger boys and all the other boys at Joeys in terms of going above and beyond, using his own time to really push himself forward.” Isaiah’s goal is to become a teacher.