Leave and Visiting Information


Sunday Leave

On Sundays the boys may, with permission from their Boarding Coordinator, leave the College. Boys are only permitted to be with their parents or people who are listed on the Sunday Visit Permission Form.

Overnight Leave 

Permission for Overnight Leave is obtained by parents through their son’s Boarding Coordinator. Parents are required to make such requests by submitting an application through the College’s online software program ‘’Boardingware”. Details of how to access this online portal will be given to all parents by their Boarding Coordinator.

Conditions for Overnight Leave

Overnight Leave from the College is granted only after approval of a parent/guardian of the student and their Boarding Coordinator. Overnights are reserved for Saturday evenings for Full Boarders. An overnight on weeknights, including Friday evenings, would be considered very rare and approved for exceptional circumstances only. Requests for Overnight Leave are to be submitted to your son’s Boarding Coordinator through “Boardingware”.

When leaving for an overnight boys are to go immediately to the care of the responsible adult indicated by their parents.

If a boy is not spending an overnight with his parents it is required that his parents have made contact with those adults who will be responsible for him and are fully aware and approve of how he will be spending his overnight leave. It is also the responsibility of the parents to ensure the personal details (name, age, address and telephone number) of the responsible adult who will be looking after their son are communicated to the relevant Boarding Coordinator.

An overnight request should arrive no later than Thursday evening so Boarding Coordinators have sufficient time to process, check and communicate the request. A separate application is required for each leave, and may be sent as far in advance as is convenient.




Friends and relatives are most welcome and are encouraged to watch games on Saturdays. The boys will know the times and locations of their games by Thursday morning each week. This information can also be found on the sport section of the Joeys website www.joeys.org. Boys are to remain on College property at all times.

During weekdays

Because of the obvious disruption to the boys’ timetable, it is preferred that any visiting during weekdays be the exception and take place preferably during lunchtime or after school between 3.45pm and 5.00pm. Families are welcome to have lunch within the College grounds with their sons on weekdays.

Boys going out for dinner

When country/overseas parents are in Sydney and wish to take their son out for dinner this can be arranged by prior contact with their son’s Boarding Coordinator. City parents who have a special occasion they wish their son to attend must also contact the Boarding Coordinator prior to the event. Requests for Dinner Leave are made through “Boardingware” and should include the reason for the request. It is important for such requests to be limited as boys can often miss valuable night study time.