1881 is SJC’s Past Parents Association for parents who no longer have a son enrolled at the College.

History has shown that parents’ association with St Joseph’s does not stop simply because their son is no longer a student.

The College would like all past parents to feel connected and included as an important part of the Joeys community and to continue to build wonderful friendships and relationships.

With this in mind, the SJC Foundation takes great pleasure in inviting all past parents to become part of 1881.

1881 was developed as a response to the sudden loss of connection with the College that many families describe when their son completes his education and becomes an SJC Old Boy. 1881 ensures past parents are kept informed and continue to feel included in the life of the College. There is no charge to become an affiliate of 1881.

The founding co-presidents of 1881 are Graeme Pedley (Andrew 2002, Ben 2012) and Carolyn Kay (Mitchell 2010, Joshua 2012).

St Joseph’s College looks forward to reconnecting with families as affiliates of 1881 and fostering positive relationships as 1881 grows. Please direct any enquiries to Carolyn Kay on email 1881@joeys.org or telephone on 0402 039 882.