“The past and future success of Joeys and its community lives in its mortar, not its bricks. To really understand and appreciate this is to participate at the deepest level available to you.”

Andrew Jolliffe, Managing Director, HTL Property

Since 2015, the College has had over 20 Joeys Partners supporting Boys from the Bush bursaries. Our Joeys Partners are the businesses owned or operated by our Old Boys, current and past parents, and friends of the College. These partnerships ensure that students from rural, regional and remote areas always have a place at Joeys.

These bursaries would not exist without the initial commitment and investment from nine partners, allowing seven students to attend in 2016. With more Joeys Partners coming on board, as well as support from our wider community, we have seen these numbers grow to 39 students in 2020. These numbers will continue to increase over the coming years as we focus our efforts on supporting those families who have been affected by adverse environmental and economic conditions in country communities.

An investment in the Boys from the Bush bursaries as a Joeys Partner is a three-year commitment and ensures your lifetime connection with the College and SJC Foundation. If you wish to have a conversation about the Joeys Partners initiative, please contact Fiona McQueen on fmcqueen@joeys.org.

Having two boys attending the College last year, my wife and I loved how much they enjoyed the experience. As parents, we all want the best education for our kids and we believe Joeys provides this.

For us, education is so much more than just the academic side. A big part of it is who the boys are surrounded by, and having country boys at the College is an essential part of the Joeys fabric. Their humbleness and work ethic provide a sense of groundedness that I believe is an asset to Joeys and one that we must strive to maintain.

We are all aware, as a community, that our country families have faced some particularly hard times in recent years. What I don’t want to see is a decline in boys from those areas coming to Joeys. Becoming a Joeys Partner and giving a little back not only shows our appreciation for what these families bring to the College, but it will also hopefully keep this important culture alive for future generations of Joe Boys.

I was fortunate to hear a couple of the boys who are Boys from the Bush bursary recipients speak at the College and I was moved by the impact Joeys had had on them. They were appreciative of the opportunity to be at the College and were truly living the school motto “strive for better things”. I would say to them that we appreciate them being at the College because they bring so much to the community.

I urge other business to come on board, be a Joeys Partner, because together we can all keep the country in the College.

Marcello Colosimo, Class of 1992
CEO Momento Hospitality
Joeys Partner