Joeys continues to look forward and plan carefully for the future of our boys; they’re at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to provide each student with the opportunity to learn through experience and enquiry, to increase our scholarship offerings and improve our facilities so that our boys are prepared to meet today’s challenges, aim high and continue to realise their potential.

From its inception to the thriving Joeys community we know today, philanthropy has been at the heart of the College’s growth and success.

Throughout the last 140 years philanthropy has transformed the fabric of the College, and the generosity of our community continues to help us advance capital projects, maintain historic buildings, fund transformational bursaries and invest in the best tools possible for boys to succeed.

If you would like to be a part of Joeys rich tradition of philanthropy through a charitable gift, or would simply like to learn more about giving to St Joseph’s College, please contact Rebecca Curran, Development Manager, on

Through your support, you contribute to the building of a strong community. This support allows the boys to live the Marist values that underpin all their endeavours.

Meaningful giving is simple and attainable. Gifts can be made as a one-off donation or over a number of years to SJC Foundation via the following tax-deductible funds:

  • SJC Foundation Scholarship Fund (Boys from the Bush bursaries)

  • SJC Foundation Building Fund (SJC Aquatic & Fitness Precinct)

  • SJC Indigenous Scholarship Fund

Click on any of the following appeals to make your gift to Joeys.