“We believe leaving behind a legacy for the future for the College and the boys that is consistent with our sons’ experience is important. We want to preserve that experience for all the boys who will come to Joeys.”
Anne Anderson, SJC Foundation Chair and Jim Tate, THRIVE Campaign Chair


THRIVE: the campaign for Joeys

Throughout the past 140 years philanthropy has transformed the fabric of the College, and the generosity of our community continues to help us advance capital projects, maintain historic buildings, fund transformational bursaries and invest in the best tools possible for boys to realise their potential.

In the 140th year of the College, we are seeking philanthropic support from our Joeys community to ensure we continue developing the wellbeing of our boys with the renewal of the Memorial Pool and Healy Fitness Centre and the establishment of an endowment fund for scholarship and bursary funds in perpetuity to enable the most deserving boys to come to Joeys and thrive regardless of their capacity to pay our school fees.

Now is the time for us to collectively help our boys, our College and community to thrive.

To achieve these goals, we have embarked on THRIVE: The Campaign for Joeys. The campaign seeks to raise $12 million:

  • $7 million for the Aquatic and Fitness Precinct, and
  • $5 million for the Boys from the Bush Bursaries Program.

Success in this campaign will help secure the College’s future. It will transform the lives of present and future generations of Joeys boys through enhanced sporting facilities that support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing within a diverse community of boys drawn from across metropolitan and rural NSW and beyond.

Support the THRIVE Campaign today by contacting the Advancement Office on +61 2 9816 0958 or by making your gift via the links below.

“It’s a place for the boys a meeting place, a gathering place. It is a place where barriers are broken down. But most importantly, it is a place where the boys form friendships that strengthen over time and these friendships last a lifetime.”
Br Anthony Boyd fms, THRIVE Ambassador


Aquatic and Fitness Precinct

Since opening in October 1957, the Memorial Pool has been a central place for the boys to build enduring friendships, learn the life-long skill of swimming, enjoy aquatic sports, participate in individual and team activities, train, and – importantly – relax and have healthy fun out of school hours. The current Memorial Pool was built with the financial support of the Joeys community, a much-needed upgrade from the swimming baths at Tarban Creek, which had served the College for 50 years. The Memorial Pool gave the College the opportunity to honour students who had gone on to serve in wars, in a place that brought the boys together. With an initial life expectancy of 30 years, most of the original pool infrastructure is still in place.

Now, over 33 years beyond this expected period, significant structural and mechanical issues have emerged. The pool is beyond its useful life and struggles to meet current needs. Its aged infrastructure urgently requires replacement using new construction, technology and environmentally sustainable features to deliver a better equipped and more efficient aquatic and fitness precinct on the same site. To provide a comprehensive fitness and activity hub for our boys, the precinct will include gym facilities that incorporate the John Healy Fitness Centre focusing on weight training, cardio fitness rooms, change rooms and other facilities for students and visitors.


  • An Olympic-sized, outdoor swimming pool – 10 lanes, 50m long and 25m wide (the current pool is 55 yards long). This updated pool is specially designed for boys learning to swim, advanced training, recreation activities and team water sports
  • The new pool incorporates a men’s FINA standard water polo pool
  • A new gym facility incorporating an upgraded Healy Fitness Centre, cardio gym and physio room. This building will include change rooms and toilet facilities for our students, the Joeys community and visitors
  • Spectator seating for boys, parents and visitors
  • Compliant disability access to both pool and building
  • Environmental features including state-of-the-art filtration system, energy efficient maintenance systems and gas heating (so the pool will be available for use year-round).

Many hands

Our ‘backyard pool’ – a place for the boys to swim together and make lifelong friendships is depicted in our beloved College quilt aptly named ‘A Day in the Life of St Joseph's College’. The quilt reflects the multitude of ways in which our community comes together on campus. The many hands that created this quilt echo the many hands that have built and supported Joeys over the past 140 years. The quilt served as the inspiration for the animation we have put together to talk about the new Aquatic & Fitness Precinct.

“It is the fusion of country and city that has made Joeys a special place for boys and their families for the past 140 years.”
Ross Tarlinton OAM, Headmaster, St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill


Scholarships and bursaries

Our continued aim is to significantly increase and establish an endowment for scholarships and bursaries to enable the College to attract and retain a diverse range of students who will benefit from and contribute to the all‑round Joeys education experience.

In 2020, just over 12 per cent of Joeys students received formal scholarship and bursary support through SJC Foundation, the College and the SJC Old Boys’ Union. Many of these boys and their families have been financially impacted by current and ongoing challenging circumstances.

Similar to our successful SJC Indigenous Scholarship Program, the SJC Scholarship and Bursary program, which encompasses our Boys from the Bush bursaries, aims to extend support to many more talented and deserving boys.

With a target of an additional $5 million by 2023, the SJC Foundation Scholarship Fund will provide funding for the College to continue to attract and retain students of high achievement on both merit and equity grounds. All our SJC scholarships are means-tested so that the level of support is based on the family’s needs.

Our ultimate long-term aim is to have sufficient scholarship and bursary funds in perpetuity to enable the most deserving students to come to Joeys and thrive regardless of their capacity to pay our school fees.


Increased scholarship and bursary funds would:

  • Enable St Joseph’s College to attract and support deserving students more adequately
  • Support our rural community, in particular, for whom the costs of accessing a quality education are challenging
  • Lead to greater learning gains and academic outcomes for students and the College
  • Support the continued diversity of our student body which is essential for the intellectual, social and cultural fabric of Joeys
  • Continue to ground Joeys and its community and provide a culturally rich experience for boys and their families
  • Demonstrate our Joeys values and commitment to educating boys for life, learning and leadership for the common good