boys playing musical instruments

The St Joseph’s College community extends much further than the College gates, and well beyond the regional and rural locations of many of its students. Families from Asia, Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, Papua New Guinea, and the USA have long sent their sons to Hunters Hill for a Marist education.

The full extent of our global community was evident throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, where boys in local, regional and international locations came together as one to continue their Joeys education online. Our students joined their classmates from living rooms, kitchen tables, bedrooms, and lounge rooms across the globe, showing not only the dedication to study but the bonds of togetherness that are ingrained within our tight-knit community.

Our boarding program, family-focused community, and on-site parent accommodation means that Joeys is not only able to cater for the educational, wellbeing, and holistic growth of your son, but ensures that international families are given the vital resources and facilities needed to stay connected.

If you are interested in a Joeys education for your son, please refer to the international enrolment, registration, and application process below.

International enrolments refer to any family, whose son does not have an Australian Residency or Citizenship. Please note: Full boarding is the only enrolment option available to international students.

Click on the link below to download the Initial Application for Admission of an International Student form. This form contains information relating to who and what is required to submit an application (page 2) and which documents need to be included with your application (page 3).

For further information about international enrolments or to speak to the Admissions Office, please call or email:

Telephone: +612 9816 0806


CRICOS Number: 03334J