All menus for student meals at St Joseph’s College are assessed by Food and Nutrition Australia (FNA) to ensure they provide the recommended serves of the core food groups as defined in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (Smith & Kellett, 1998).
The term menu is the primary source of nutrition for boarders at the College. It must therefore meet the dietary requirements of 12-18 year-old men, and provide adequate energy and nutrients to encourage growth and development, promote concentration and learning, and fuel participation in daily physical activity and competitive sport without promoting unhealthy weight gain.
Students with special dietary needs can be catered for at the College.

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St Joseph College Term One 2021 Menu

Dining room miscellaneous items

For more information about meals at St Joseph’s College and catering for special dietary requirement, or if you would like to make any comments or ask any questions about meals at the College, you are welcome to email the Head of Boarding, Mr John Reading: