Settling in at Joeys

Following are some helpful hints for helping boys settle in at Joeys:

  • Remember, most new students at any school have a period of settling in and adjustment and some boys will experience homesickness. This is all completely normal.
  • While it is important to acknowledge what your son is experiencing, rather than call it homesickness talk about how starting something new is always a bit scary. The reality is most homesickness is really nervousness.
  • Talk to your son about change and reassure him that it is normal to feel temporarily anxious and unsure.
  • Show confidence in your son’s ability to cope. Confidence is contagious.
  • Remember, if you give homesickness attention it grows.
  • Encourage friendships and engaging in school activities. Ask about these. Fun is the greatest cure for homesickness and the best prescription for adjustment.
  • Where possible, provide opportunities to have contact with friends outside of school. Increasing confidence in new friendships makes settling in easier and faster.
  • If your son is having some difficulties settling, setting limits about the amount of phone contact you have and sticking to it is important.
  • Talking about homesickness will not make it go away. Instead focus on the positive things happening at school. Talk about the College life and staff in a positive way to your son.
  • If your son is a day boy try using routines to take the worry out of remembering. Have a regular homework time and a morning round up. Use a checklist and encourage self-responsibility. If he forgets something once, he is likely to remember it himself next time.
  • Keep your own ‘homesickness’ at home. If your son thinks you are not coping, he will not cope. Find someone other than your son to talk to about your own feelings.
  • If you are having trouble dealing with a distressed teenager, enlist help. Share the burden.

Show confidence in your son’s ability to cope. Confidence is contagious.