St Joseph’s College prides itself on providing students with a well-rounded, balanced education, focussing on boys’ academic, physical, social, spiritual and recreation needs. The College’s broad range of sport and co-curricular activities caters for a wide range of talents and interests and adds great enjoyment to students’ school life.

The College was a founding member of the Athletic Association of Great Public Schools (AAGPS) and participates in the AAGPS sporting competitions of NSW. Most sports are contested among the nine member schools and boys have the opportunity to represent the College at their own level of expertise.

St Joseph’s offers a variety of sports and sporting competitions throughout the year. All students participate in a summer sport and a winter sport of their choice and benefit from working with the College’s experienced coaches as well as a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

The College offers the following sports:



Athletics AFL
Basketball Cross Country
Cricket Golf
Rowing Football (soccer)
Swimming Rugby
Surf Life Saving Snow Sports
Tennis Tennis
 Water Polo  Strength and Conditioning*
Strength and Conditioning*  

*Strength and conditioning is done in conjunction with each student’s chosen winter and summer sport. 

St Joseph’s has a proud reputation of sporting excellence and has produced many great state and national representative sportsmen. Much of the College’s success is due to the strong team spirit that is fostered by the unique, tight-knit community, as well access to first-rate facilities and training opportunities.

All boys participate in a sport of their choice, and benefit from the College’s experienced coaches and excellent facilities.

The College’s highly acclaimed facilities include eight rugby fields, two football fields, eight high-quality tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts and cricket nets, five turf and six artificial cricket wickets, a swimming pool and fully drained 400 metre running track, a well-equipped rowing shed located on Tarban Creek and weights and cardio gymnasiums.

AAGPS website: http://www.aagps.nsw.edu.au/

Sport and friendly competition is an integral part of the Joeys experience.