boys learning in art class with teacher

The College is committed to excellence in teaching and learning. It offers a broad and relevant curriculum catering for the interests and abilities of a wide range of students. Joeys provides all boys with the foundations, support and environment to excel as learners. Our tailored learning program has been developed to stimulate learning engagement, and maximise each individual student’s learning gain. 

Since its inception in 1881, the College has attained excellent academic results. This has continued in 2020 with impressive performances in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATARs). The College Dux, Harrison Bentley, achieved an ATAR of 99.90. A record eight students were awarded ATARs above 99 and an impressive 30 students above 95. Four students attained State Rankings as Top Achievers in English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 2, Ancient History and Modern History. In Drama, four students were nominated for OnSTAGE for their outstanding individual performances and one student selected for ARTEXPRESS Exhibition. Importantly, significant learning gains were achieved by learners at all performance levels in the HSC, facilitated by outstanding teachers using the most advanced, evidenced-based learning strategies available.

The College aims to preserve small class sizes across Years 7 to 12 to enhance quality teaching and learning. Our state-of-the-art learning facilities provide digital technology, seamlessly integrated into all classrooms and across the curriculum. Additionally, the Centre for Learning Enrichment and Resources Centre offers a vast array of technologies for student use. Every student has his own MacBook laptop as part of the College’s 1:1 Learning Program and a student IT help desk on site. A state-of-the-art Technology and Arts Precinct opened in 2013.

Learning at Joeys

Our learning framework is divided into five key areas; Learning how to learn, Support and expertise, Delivery of teaching, Learning relationships and our Facilities and technology.

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