HSC achievements

At the beginning of 2020, Year 12 set themselves the goal of 20 per cent of all Higher School Certificate examinations resulting in Band 6s (90 or above). In order to strive for academic excellence in the modern HSC, the skills of critical thinking, agility and clear communication are essential. Importantly, similar dispositions are sought by the world beyond the College walls. With attention to the learning process, and collaboration between peers and teachers, an outstanding 21 per cent of results were acknowledged on the Distinguished Achievers’ List, meaning the achievement of the lofty ‘20 in 2020’ goal.

A total of 210 St Joseph’s College students sat for the HSC in 2020, along with 13 Mathematics Accelerants from Year 11. The HSC outcomes illuminate the uniqueness of students within the year group, with distinct and diverse strengths.

HSC Highlights 2020

  • Harrison Bentley – Dux of the College, with an ATAR of 99.90.

  • A record 8 students attaining ATARs above 99, 30 students above 95 and an impressive 64 students above 90.

  • 241 HSC results, and 110 students, were listed on the Distinguished Achievers’ List, attaining Band 6s or E4s (above 90), across 31 courses.

  • 21 per cent of all HSC Examinations were Band 6 performances and 63 per cent Band 5 and 6 combined (80 marks or above).

  • 5 State Rankings listed as Top Achievers:  Harrison Bentley – 3rd Place in Ancient History and 4th Place in English Extension 2, Tyler Boddington – 5th Place in Mathematics Standard 2, Harry Curtin – 5th Place in TAFE Electrotechnology and Aidan Kearns – 11th Place in Modern History.

  • 9 students were acknowledged in the All-Rounders’ List, scoring a Band 6 or E4 result in 10 or more units: Harrison Bentley, Barney Buffier, Darcy Creagh, William Coffey, Adrian Dawson, Aidan Kearns, Michael Murphy, Jonathan Ryan and Simon Toscan.

  • 11 nominations or selections for exhibition in Drama, Industrial Technology and Visual Arts.


2020 Subject Highlights 

  • 25 students on the Distinguished Achievers’ List (90 or above – Band 6) for English, including an outstanding 11 out of 17 in English Extension 1 and 100 per cent of students in English Extension 2.

  • In Mathematics, an extraordinary 78 Distinguished Achiever entries across the 4 Mathematics courses, including 58 per cent of students in Mathematics Advanced.

  • The Latin and French students shone brightly in the Continuers and Extension courses.

  • The Historians excelled, with 36 per cent of the 42-strong Modern History cohort attaining Band 6 results, fuelled by an HSC Examination average 13.45 marks above the state.

  • 17 Distinguished Achiever entries were recorded across the Science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Investigating Science and Physics.

  • In Legal Studies, a phenomenal 57 per cent of students achieved Band 6s, driven by an HSC Examination average 13.1 marks above the state.

  • In delving deeply into major global religions, 25 students entered the Distinguished Achievers’ List in Studies of Religion I and II.

  • In Visual Arts, all students attained a Band 5 or 6 outcome, expertly balancing the practical and written components.

  • In Drama, 57 per cent of students performed to the highest level, adroitly navigating the varied demands of this challenging subject.

  • The bar has been set high for the next generation of Joeys scholars, with the academic legacy of the Class of 2020 etched into the College’s 140-year history.