HSC achievements

The famous American academic and author Professor Angela Duckworth defines grit as a mixture of passion and perseverance ± qualities our class of 2021 displayed in abundance.

In a year disrupted by Covid, Joeys HSC students maintained focus and grit throughout. Fuelled by meaningful goals, these young men learnt that mastery of subject requires marathon endurance.

The HSC Class of 2021 epitomisesd teamwork; online, in physical classrooms and Year 12 breakout spaces. Together, these young men solved problems on whiteboards, shared notes, participated in self-paced learning and peer-critiqued works of art. Moreover, they supported their classmates through their inevitable academic challenges, sharing successes and raising awareness for social causes.

Excellent performances

  • Luca Manfredi, a delighted Dux of the College, achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.10.
  • An impressive Nicholas Baksa achieved a second ranked ATAR of 99.00. 
  • Oscar Crowe acknowledged on the prestigious All Rounders List, achieving a Band 6 (above 90) result for 10 units (five subjects) or more. 
  • The consistent and hard-working Lachlan Stewart earnt 9th Place in the State in Mathematics Standard 1. 
  • Renaissance man David Talifero scoring 48 out of 50 for both English Extension 2 and Latin Extension. 
  • Lawrence Campbell Oratory winner Bernard Lund had four subject results above 95, including 96 in Studies of Religion 2 Unit. 
  • In cutting-edge Engineering Studies, John Piekuta excelled with a score of 96. 
  • Year 10 linguist Benjamin Sestanovic earnt an exceptional 98 in HSC French Continuers. 
  • Year 11 accelerant Leo Jin achieved a mark of 95 in the highly challenging Mathematics Extension 2 course. 

Subject highlights

  • Critical thinking was pivotal in producing 18 Band 6 results in the English courses. 
  • The mathematicians shone in the most challenging courses, including 63 per cent in the top band in Mathematics Extension 1. 
  • Balanced judgements in Legal Studies led to an average of 8 marks above the state. 
  • Deep analysis of the 20th century saw mastery from 8 modern historians. 
  • Fifty per cent of PDHPE students achieved Bands 5 and 6 results. 
  • In Engineering Studies, 37 per cent of students soared beyond 90. 
  • Twenty-six individual Band 6 results in Studies of Religion 2 unit, including 10 from Year 11. 
  • In Visual Arts, 80 per cent of students scored above 80. 
  • Impressive performances in the creative pursuits and major projects. 

Academic personal bests

The unheralded students of the HSC Class of 2021 must be applauded for consistently striving toward their academic personal bests. These students embodied the Marist characteristic of humility in working with teachers to produce incremental learning gains. 

Celebrating the power of perseverance

This year group, revelling in their diversity, learnt that grit means to keep going, in the words of Angela Duckworth, “even when you fall down … even when progress toward that goal is halting or slow”. The achievements of the Class of 2021 are the ultimate acknowledgement of the power of perseverance. In committing to purposeful goals, including social causes beyond the classroom, we applaud these fine young men for showing grit. Most crucially, for embracing the early steps in their lifelong learning journey.