HSC achievements

Year 12 Academic Coordinator, Mrs Kerry Pacey, and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) teachers espoused the power of the pen mantra throughout 2022. All for the purpose of enhancing recall, making meaning of complex content and improving writing `fitness'.

Equal Dux of the College – Charles Rowley and Ethan Quintana: ATAR 99.80

Charles Rowley studied a diverse pattern of subjects, including Accelerated Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1 in 2021. Charles built upon this foundation in 2022, attaining an outstanding 99 out of 100 in Modern History (second in the state) and excellence across complex English courses, including Extension 1.

Ethan Quintana, equally adept at mastering the curriculum and the running track, excelled at Accelerated Mathematics in Year 11. In Year 12, among his many achievements, Ethan produced a university-standard research project exploring how humans can limit cellular death caused by the ageing process. He adroitly applied his knowledge during the online HSC Science Extension examination, scoring 49 out of 50 (third in the state).

Collaborate and teach others

Embracing the Marist Family Spirit proved to be a core learning principle for the Class of 2022. For Year 12 student Toby Maroulis, and his peers, this meant teaching classmates in breakout spaces, mentoring peers, deconstructing HSC questions on whiteboards and working with expert teachers. Toby, along with Jackson Basha (third highest ATAR of 99.65), were the driving force behind an initiative to share resources and collaborate on study and examination prep. This initiative helped the year group to operate as an academic team, further fuelling the supportive atmosphere.

Individual and collective excellence

The HSC performances highlighted the individual and collective strengths of this impressive group of young men. From a high level of achievement in the creative pursuits and linguistic excellence, through to mastery in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the humanities.


  • Forty-nine exams resulted in a mark of 95 or more out of 100 across 17 HSC subjects
  • An impressive 16 students achieved the highest band (Band 6) result in the Advanced English course, while in English Extension 1 students achieved an average of 47 out of 50
  • Two students scored full marks (100/100) in the Advanced Mathematics examination and we had 53 Band 6s across all Mathematics courses, including Extension 2
  • Studies of Religion 2 Unit students earned 21 Band 6 results
  • Exceptional creative performances resulted in 11 nominations for exhibition in ARTEXPRESS (Visual Arts), InTech (Industrial Technology) and SHAPE (Design and Technology)
  • Band 6s were earned by 36 per cent of Physics students and 35 per cent of Legal Studies students
  • One PDHPE student produced a top mark of 95 out of 100


Well done to the 47 high performing Year 11 HSC accelerants across Mathematics, Business Studies and Studies of Religion.

Beyond the headlines, the unsung heroes of the cohort must also be celebrated. In particular, the young men who persevered when giving up seemed enticing, showing grit and making incremental learning gains.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for partnering so positively with their families, teachers and the broader College community. This part of their lifelong learning journey has been navigated together … the Joeys way!