room full of people coming together for lunch

St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill is widely known for its close-knit community. Since 1881, families have come together from across Sydney and greater NSW to forge friendships that last a lifetime. It is often said that a Joe-Boy is only a new student for one day, and that for many, the mates they share an evening meal with, pack down into a scrum with and share their time at the College with, often stand side by side at weddings, baptisms and other major life events. 

Like the boys, parents form lifelong friendships. The 1881 Past Parents group grows year on year and is an important part of College life. Graduating parents report that they miss their time at Joeys just as much as their sons! Joeys wonderful family culture is such that Year 7 and 8 boys celebrate Grandparents Day by inviting their grandmothers and grandfathers to enjoy a day at the College with them.

The pride in cerise and blue and passion for the College is just as strong with first-time Joeys families as it is with those whose connections echo through the ages. A number of boys are fourth- and fifth-generation Joeys families; their fathers, grandfathers, uncles and cousins having walked through the College’s famous sandstone gates many decades before.

The College has one of the largest Old Boy associations in Australia, with more than 10,000 members in the St Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Union. Whether a recent graduate or an Old Boy from yesteryear, the association with former classmates is a rich tradition the College is proud to support.   

There are many wonderful events and initiatives for connecting with the College and being part of the vibrant Joeys community. But no matter how you connect, everyone is always welcome.