Each year senior students have the opportunity to apply to work in a Marist community in a developing country. 

St Marcellin Champagnat’s vision was that the students in the schools his Brothers founded would be ‘good Christians and good citizens’. Through spending time with the poorest of the poor, the students of St Joseph’s are prepared to take their place in the global community, aware of the vast differences that separate its citizens and ready to contribute to a more just and equitable society.

Immersions available

boys repairing house in the Philippines

The Joeys immersion to the Philippines is an important date in our mission calendar. Our Year 11 students are invited to spend time at the Marist run Balay Pasilungan Street Centre for boys in the heart of Bankerohan, Davao, in the Philippines. The centre is home to boys who have been abandoned on the streets due to extreme poverty or lack of family support. Children as young as three years old are rescued and cared for. The children attend school and receive health care in a loving and safe environment. The students and staff of St Joseph’s College are privileged to spend time working in the Street Centre; their eyes are opened and horizons are changed when confronted with extreme poverty. The experience and opportunity to serve the Balay Pasilungan community is life changing for the young men of the College.